Our mission is to empower advisors and financial organizations to achieve more and develop standards that protect individuals.

Promoting Engagement

For advisors with little experience, or that want to take the next step into their career, our mission is to provide you with community mentors, support, and education.

Fostering Success

We stick by the motto "advisors serving clients, not corporations", for a reason. Bureaucracy and large corporations continue to expand and hinder growth of small companies that want diligence for our nation. Our goal at 4Advisors is to be an ongoing source of information and advocacy for advisors that want to make a difference.


Between 2005 and 2015, 87,000 Financial Advisors have been disciplined for misconduct or fraud.

Misbehaving financial advisors don't just go away once they're disciplined. According to the study, about half of misbehaving advisors get to keep their job, - and become repeat offenders. According to a 2010 study, 56% of American households had consulted financial professionals for advice - having an independent advisor is more relevant than ever before.

34% of U.S. Adults have ZERO non-retirement savings.

And over 37% of workers expect to retire after the age of 65. -NAPFA.org

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